Whats in a Name?
Protocol Six Consulting is named after the IANA registry number for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which is a fundamental communication mechanism on the Internet.

Our Mission
Our overall goal is to deliver solid IT solutions and services to small businesses, schools and non-profits. Whether we provide one-time support or extended project-work, we always like to start with a candid conversation about what a prospective client hopes to accomplish. Then depending on the nature of the work, we collaborate to draft either a project specification or a support contract, complete with a formal goal statement and definition of scope. These planning activities don't have to be long and drawn out, but should result in a clear statement of work. When designing IT infrastructures or processes, or when recommending third-party solutions, we aim to keep configuration details as simple as possible because that usually results in a system that is reliable, secure and maintainable. Finally, we see to it that all our work is well documented and we share information freely and proactively so that there are no mysteries. Communicate early and communicate often!

We like Opensource software.
Windows and Macintosh systems are ubiquitous and we support them fully. That having been said, we do believe that organizations have a great opportunity now to avoid completely the cost and hassle of purchasing, (re)licensing, and securing proprietary platforms. Those costs don't always emerge as a direct expense, but are often hidden costs resulting from lost worker or IT productivity.
The Web is becoming the major conduit for data exchange and application delivery, and businesses are more able than ever to choose free (or low-cost) opensource solutions, and they can do so without sacrificing features, and with few compatibility problems. Thanks to the success of Opensource software in the marketplace, the approach of assembling a technology system from the most appropriate components is more viable than ever.

What else is there to know?
We have been doing business as an entity since 2004, and have over 20 years of professional IT experience.
We like people, and treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
The best relationships are those that are candid, straightforward and where everyone wins!

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